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Kimi ni Todoke ♪

I was browsing Seventeen January issue and then saw that Ayame-chan was in MAY's new PV 「Kimi ni Todoke」I didn't know they're doing the season of the anime already. (>_<);; I seriously need to catch up or sth. XD



He's even partnered with Ayame, I think they're cute together. (>w<)b

That's all, Imma sleep now. Philo test tomorrow.

Good night★

Exam ☆

YO, GUYS. :|

I should be doing Maths as I have a test, but I'm here procrastinating. I can't believe I took a lot to review Science for tomorrow, I felt crying before 'cos I couldn't stuff a shit in my head. /sigh

And because of these two tests I missed Milan's game. Darn it, I should've recorded it or sth. (ToT)q
Robinho and Ibra did it again ♪ When Markel scored it was as if he couldn't believe he did. (>w<)

Gazzetta says they did well, so I hope they could play like that in Campionato. XD

See you soon, I have to go now. :S

Mom will kill me :|



Augh, my mom will so kill me if I show it to her. -_-;; I forgot to put the cover and I was checking my dashboard and wasn't aware of anything and... and...  I DON'T KNOW.

I just finished studying Science. Not really finished since I still have two pages, but those are kind of easy and short, so meh.
I have my volleyball test tomorrow in PE. I practiced like a weirdo with my small Barcelona ball, I'm kind of nervous - never been good in volleyball. BUT I WILL DO MY BEST. I don't want embarrassing moments in PE anymore. :|

Off to shower now, I still have Maths.

See you guys.♥

Shubu Dubi La la la ♪♪

Dad is teasing me telling there's Marc on the TV to distract me from watching Milan. -_-;;


Forever Milan.

Okaaaay, so a few weeks ago I was cleaning my old school stuff and found a… er, poem(if you could call that one) I wrote for Milan. I did it almost five years ago, I was thirteen and I didn’t have any idea how to write a proper poem, so I just put rhyming words in the end of each verse. LOL.

Never been a good writer, but ah well. X) This was in May ‘07, probably before the semi-finals or the final of Champions League. :)


No one can catch us away

The final is now on our way

Champions like us deserve to win

After a big match there’s a grin

Many emotions you give to us

Nice match is a gift for us

Happy moments can’t always be there

Victory can’t always be there

The stadium is full of attention

We watch the match with attention

We began the championship badly

We’ll end the championship nicely

The players may change

The manager may change

But the story will be the same

Our love will always be the same

Yeah, it’s not that great, but I felt so proud when I wrote in back then since my class mates asked me to translate in Italian because they thought it was cool I wrote a poem for my favorite team. :”>

I think of you every day

Hi thuuur, you guys. ;) How're y'all?

I'm trying to enjoy this Saturday night since I'm alone at home. /o/ Yes, I ate dinner in front of my computer watching Champs 12 (an Argentine drama I'm addicted to right now) and planning to watch Barcelona, but meh.

Yesterday I had an awesome time with my friend. Sales started last Thursday, so we went for some shopping the next day. :) CHEAP STUFFS ARE CHEAP AND I LOVE THEEEEEM. ♥♥♥
I spent sixty euros buying loads of stuff from GAP, Zara, H&M, Pimkie and Pull and Bear! :) It was very fun, but there were loads of people and the lines were so long, but hey - I got some pretty cool stuff so I guess it's ok, LOL. :D It was the first time that I had a wonderful time even though it was raining and it was friggin' cold.

Took some pictures last Thursday night when I went out for dinner with my family. I realized that Milan is way prettier at night. Haha.
and every night.Collapse )
No, I'm not a good photographer at all. X) Anyways, I'm thinking of sharing some of my pictures from Barcelona, too. ^^;; But that might be next week since school is starting on Monday and I'll be pretty busy. /sobs