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i cheer for you tonight *

Lyon just scored against R. Madrid and it's a draw for now. HAHAHAHA, take that Real Madrid. |D
Tonight I'm cheering for the French team because: 1)Gourcuff is playing again. I haven't seen him for a while now, so. 8D 2)I don't like the other team. XD

Last Wednesday I rooted for Arsenal instead since they beat Barca. \o/ No, it's not that I don't like Barca, but I felt that Arsenal deserves it more, haha~ ;D

Won't be going to school from Thursday to Saturday because of these activities they're doing and I don't wanna go. :| It won't affect anything, so just decided to stay at home and maybe catch up with school, since lately I've been lazying and shizz. Blame soccer, Hello Baby and Gou. XD

Gou episode 6 was, gah, without Oda Nobunaga is different. >___<;; I can't understand if all the Mori brothers died... I read somewhere that only Ranmaru went with Nobunaga to do the seppuku thingy, but not also Rikimaru and Bonmaru... I remember that Nobunaga ordered Rikimaru to get the women and children... BAH. It means no Shougo anymore? /sobs
It's so annoying how Akechi just realized that Nobunaga trusted him a lot that he would even leave the realm to him if something happens. >D
Tokugawa is a good guy and Hashiba is... a monkey. XD I can't believe how he can be childish then later a serious samurai. XD

It's late... I've school tomorrow... Good night!